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title: Dang it AWS. Is your instance IP Changing? Get an Elastic IP! author: Seshan Ravikumar type: post date: 2018-12-06T19:19:18+00:00 url: /2018/12/06/dang-it-aws-is-your-instance-ip-changing-get-an-elastic-ip/ categories:

Crisis averted, this website is still online!

Let me set the scene here. It’s the middle of the Computer Club and my friend notifies me that my website is offline…
Uh oh. I proceed to try and connect, and yep, it’s dead. I tried the direct IP and that didn’t work either. Well, it’s been a nice run of the website… Windows Server 2003 was fun. I checked the AWS panel and everything. I was pretty quick to accept the death of the site in it’s current form…

But wait! It wasn’t dead. When I got home I hopped on the AWS panel to see what was going on once more. Guess what. The public IP changed! What??? A quick Google search revealed that an AWS Instance’s Public IP will change after a restart… but why??? As it turns out you actually need to first get an Elastic IP, and associate it with the Instance. That way the instance will keep the same IP.

I’m glad I figured this out… but man this should’ve been more obvious that I need an Elastic IP to keep the instance’s public IP from changing. Hopefully this will help at least one of you 😛