Seshan Ravikumar

or Seshpenguin. Student & something something computers.

Hey! I heard people have personal websites or something so I created a EC2 instance (running Windows Server 2003 R2 for maximum fun), attempted to install WordPress on IIS 6 (Please don’t hack me), gave up, then downloaded this HTML5 Template. I could’ve hosted this on something more reasonable, but where is the fun in that?? Anyway…

…this website is now hosted using WordPress on a Power Mac G5 running Ubuntu 16.04. Quite an upgrade, no?

I’m a University student (UWaterloo Geomatics), and I like messing around with computers, programming, electronics, and a few other things (transit and infrastructure are pretty cool, so is food). I also enjoy free/open source software and GNU/Linux, all things UNIX-y (please ignore the IIS 6 that served this webpage), and it appears I have a lot of retro computers too.

I’ve writen a lot of JS/ECMAScript… including creating Apps in React Native (iOS/Android). Building modern replacements to somewhat legacy systems is fun…!?

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As you can probably tell by now, my idea of fun is… different. Give me a computer and an OS install disk and I’ll probably be entertained for hours. Or Minecraft, EstiNet is pretty cool server that myself and EspiDev run. Or Youtube… I waste too much time.

If you are expecting more formal stuff on this website, sadly you will be disappointed. I should have more professional things @ Sineware. That’s my “company” where I do other stuff. Fun fact: That website is hosted on one of my servers, an HP ProLiant ML350 G6 (2x 6-Core Xeon, 72GB DDR3, etc etc) running Ubuntu Server. It’s pretty cool!



Discord: Seshpenguin#3718



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